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    Metal new material into the golden age

    [ Release time:03.26.2016 | Hits:798 ]

    Aviation manufacturing industry is expected to usher in rapid development, the industry has huge material demand chain, involving light alloys, high temperature alloy, high-end casting, 3 d printing, carbon composite materials, and other fields, and have higher technique and barriers to entry.

    Import substitution, maintenance space is large

    Assume that by 2030, China civil aviation, military aircraft demand about 2800, 2200 respectively, about 5500, 6000 aircraft fleet size, corresponding to the demand of about 98000 tons of titanium alloy, high casting parts and 3 d printing needs 250000, civil aviation engine d check about 12000 units, military aircraft engine needs more than 5000 units.

    As domestic supply chain gradually into the comac, China aviation industry supply system, from the material supply security and airlines operating cost control perspective, the future supply chain to achieve domestic alternative will become the trend of The Times, aviation materials localization has been gradually, import substitution and maintenance broad market space.

    First flew in 2016-2017 large aircraft and aircraft window, partially into the domestic aircraft/large aircraft certification of listed companies is expected to achieve performance reverse supply chain, open space to grow up.
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