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    The application prospect of titanium material

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    Titanium is a British scientist gore in that first found in titanium iron ore in 1791, 1795, German chemist clapp lott also discovered the elements from the rutile, and name it "titanium".Due to the high chemical activity, titanium in 120 years after it was found in 1910, was first made of titanium, 1940 with magnesium reduction of titanium sponge, henceforth laid the foundation of industrial production methods of titanium.Titanium in the reserves are abundant in the earth's crust, it is second only to iron, aluminum, magnesium, the fourth, than common metal copper, nickel, lead, zinc combined more than a dozen times.Industry to produce titanium ore has rutile titanium, ilmenite and magnetite.

    Titanium has many excellent performance: the proportion of titanium is 4.5 g/cm3, only 56% of the common structural steel, the strength and ordinary steel quite or higher, in the metal structure material, titanium than intensity is the highest.

    Titanium melting point is 1668 ℃, a little higher than iron, nickel, higher than the melting point of aluminum, magnesium, above 1000 ℃.Therefore, as the light metal structure material, titanium alloy is better than aluminum, magnesium alloy hot strong sex, the highest temperature can reach 600 ℃.

    Titanium in oxidizing atmosphere in extremely easily with oxygen to form a layer on the surface of solid oxide film, is the oxidizing acid, alkali, salt medium, especially in the wet chlorine gas and water, excellent corrosion resistance.

    Titanium is the crystallization of heterogeneous structure, above 885 ℃ for six-party lattice close beta phase, the following is a body centered cubic lattice alpha.Therefore, after joining different alloy element, titanium alloy can be divided into alpha, beta and alpha + beta three categories.Titanium and heterogeneity in the joining of different alloying elements can get very different performance of the alloy and has a great effect of heat treatment.

    Titanium expansion coefficient is 8.2 x 10-6 / ℃, the general structure of small metal, at the time of thermal shock stress is small, suitable for use in temperature change of the environment.

    Titanium has good toughness and fatigue resistance, welding performance is very good also.Titanium in the low temperature performance is good, under - 196 ℃, nor present low temperature brittleness, the performance is very suitable for structure.
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